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We disappointed with L&L Travel's decision on offering 20% discount on our next tour rather than upfront request of ony $68 compensation to share our additional cost $340 plus time and missing scheduled tours for 4 of us. I guess L&L fail to recongnise the important of company's good will which should be worth much more than $68 just to keep us happy with trip in US.

I hope good Karma will come to whoever offer good customer needs.

David and famliy


angelicariv wrote on 2012-09-29 16:11:49

Dear David,

I have received a response from the manager, George, at L&L Travel. He has agreed to offer you a 20% discount off your next tour that you book with them. I hope they will be good enough for you. Whenever you want to use the discount, you may contact us directly or L&L Travel. Feel free to write back with any further comments. Have a good day!

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail.



Take Tours Travel / L&L Travel


David wrote on 2012-09-26 02:07:43

I have book a 2-Day Niagara Falls back in June 2012 under confirmation no.: 786871, 025324, 322380, 550761 and have completed our trip with great disappointment and additional costs. We have departed the tour on the next day at lunch time on 22-Sep-12. Formal complaint have been posted as a results of the Tour guide failed to contact us on 21-Sep-12 on the given cell phone number at Flushing Queen, NY at 7:00am and simply left us (3 adults and 1 child)behind without warning neither a courtesy call. We have contacted on the day before 20-Sep-12 to the L&L Travel office number and have contacted the Tour guide Miss Ella (Cell Phone 1-646-2887752) with phone advice that the arrival of the bus at Flushing to be around 7:30am and we reconfirming this is not inline with the written booking after the phone conversation on the day before with her strong Chinese English accent. When we turn up on the stated pickup location at the front of the Sheraton Hotel at 7:30am, there was no bus and thus we immediately call Ella on her cell phone to find out what going on? Ella simply suggest we have to make join the trip at our own cost to catch up her bus in ChinaTown Mahanton in 15 min at 8:05am. We knew this is impossible based on the traffic condition and taxi booking process, and we have been advised by Ella to also try join the tour by GreyHoun bus to meet her at Niagara Falls or Buffalo using local Greyhoune bus. We could not persude her to make a U-turn to pick us within the 5 minutes and we have to ask the bell boy in the Sheraton hotel to help booking a Taxi to Mahaton ($60) plus internet booking with GreyHoun bus to Buffalo at $74 per adult x3 and $55 for 1 child. We spend total 13 hours to catch the bus from L&L Travel with extra cost of more than $340. i.e. ($74x3+$55+$60+ $8 from buffalo to Niagarafalls via public bus).

Although we have successfully catched up with the tour bus at 8:30pm the same day but we believe this cost can be avoid if the phone confirmation by the Tour Guide (Ella) on the day at 7:00am was made before she decided to left us behind without giving us a warning call or try finding out why, or any incident occurs to her customer from overseas.

We have arranged this holiday 3 months ahead and have been over caution about the itinerary for smonth transfer from Melbourne to NY and to Canada.

We are seeking TakeTours'compensation on the above costs at least this is not a good practice to left your overseas customers behind without any call. Furthermore, a family with a little boy travelling to a strange place in NY at night...

I am looking forward to hearing postive response from Taketours or L&L Travel soon.

David & Family

Monetary Loss: $340.

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NY number is: (518) 431-4145


You can call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to report on this situation. Their complaints hotline is: 1-888-DOT-SAFT or 1-888-368-7238.

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